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Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake

Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake
Dorcas Annette Walker

Whether motherhood comes by physically giving birth, adoption, or becoming a stepmother, one’s life will never be the same again. Motherhood challenges one’s mental, physical, and emotional state and once you become a mother you will always be a mother. I never could understand the phenomenon of how my mother every time we visited her, as an adult and mother myself, would revert back to my childhood days by asking me before we left to go anywhere, “ Dorcas did you remember to brush your teeth? Or Honey, you need to wear a coat it’s chilly outside.” Today I vex my own adult children with the same questions and advice whenever they are around. Little did I comprehend the first time I held my own tiny helpless infant in my arms how much my entire life would change. During the demanding days of toddlerhood, cheerleading early school days, and trying to keep up with the whirlwind teen years my own personality became merged with my children. When they are happy I am happy. Any upheavals in their world affect mine. Is it any wonder that mother’s tend to have a meltdown (labeled the empty nest syndrome) when their children take the first leap into the adult world? And yet I would have it no other way. I’ll never forget the look of awe in my daughter’s face as she held our first granddaughter close in the hospital and tried to explain her new feelings of motherhood to me- the exact same feelings I had for her as a newborn years ago- as Dawn said, “Mommy, I would do anything for Annette even if it meant having to give my own life.” I can’t comprehend women, who will neglect their children, abuse, or let them become abused. I’m glad once a year in the endless round of daily tasks we are given the chance to stop, celebrate, and take a moment to contemplate the precious gift given us- motherhood.

I decided this year to make a special dessert, Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake, for Mother’s Day. I can’t remember where I first got the idea for this cake, but it is something that brings out the creative side of me each time I make it. My Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake is a combination of some of my favorite ingredients that to me embodies springtime. I’m not the only one in my household wild over this cake. Last night when I gave my husband a small piece he told me, “You’d better put this under lock and key it’s so good.” Preparation time for my Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake is around thirty minutes (not counting the baking or cooling time) and this recipe serves sixteen- that is if you can stop with eating one piece.

Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake

1 lemon cake mix
1 c raspberries
1 c sugar
½ c water
¼ c cornstarch

Prepare the cake mix as directed using a bunt cake pan. Cool and cut in half. In a small saucepan combine the raspberries, sugar, water, and cornstarch. Bring to a boil, cook until thickened, and cool. Spread over the first cake layer and top with the second layer of cake.


2 c powdered sugar
2 tb shortening
½ tsp vanilla extract
¼ c milk
2 c sweetened cocoanut flakes

Beat powdered sugar, shortening, extract, and milk until smooth with a Wisk. Spread over the entire cake. Sprinkle on the cocoanut. May garnish with fresh raspberries and mint leaves!

Weekly tip: While flowers, cards, and phone calls brighten a mother’s heart the best gift you can give your mother is time with yourself!

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