Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy New Year

Cocoanut Chocolate Balls

It has been ages since I did up a cooking article for any blog or newspaper so this New Year- while going through my end-of-the-year organization and realizing my pile of recipes to try and new cooking ideas had reached an alarming all time high stack- to do up and post a new recipe once a month.  You’ll notice I didn’t go for once a week- ha!

I thought I’d start out the New Year with my Cocoanut Chocolate Ball recipe that I made for the last couple of Christmas seasons. My Cocoanut Chocolate Ball recipe is perfect during the holiday rush as there are only three ingredients and it only takes a short time. This recipe came about while I was looking at a colorful magazine drooling over all the delicious looking pictures of candy that they sold.  Anything chocolate especially catches my eye. I casually looked at the advertisement beside these Cocoanut Chocolate Balls when I did a double take reading that cocoanut and chocolate covered a marshmallow center.  I knew instantly that I could make up a batch of Cocoanut Chocolate Balls myself.  So I made some Cocoanut Chocolate Balls that Christmas and they were an instant success- not only in how good they tasted, but how easy it was to fit them into my hectic schedule of finishing wrapping gifts.  My Cocoanut Chocolate Balls are simple to make and would fit anywhere year round when you need something quick to make.  

Cocoanut Chocolate Balls

14 oz bag of shredded cocoanut

10 oz bag of regular marshmallows

2 lb of dark chocolate squares

wax paper

In one small bowl pour ¼ bag of cocoanut. In another bowl break off a couple squares of chocolate and microwave for thirty seconds to a minute stirring until melted. Place one marshmallow in the melted chocolate and with a fork roll it around until covered, lift out, and put into the cocoanut.  Turn over until coated with cocoanut and then lay on wax paper. Repeat until all the marshmallows are used up. Let the Cocoanut Chocolate Balls harden and enclose in a covered plastic container. Total time is fifteen to thirty minutes.

Tip: For an added holiday look and taste crush some peppermint candy canes into small pieces and add to the shredded cocoanut!