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Fudgy Spice Cake

Fudgy Spice Cake
Dorcas Annette Walker

Originally called Armistice Day at the end of World War I, in June of 1954 Congress amended the Act of 1938 to officially make it Veteran’s Day in honor of American veterans of all wars. Each of us owes a great debt to the veterans living and dead for the freedoms we enjoy today. Veteran’s Day is a chance to stop our busy schedules, watch old glory wave high, listen to patriotic speeches, tap our feet to the music of parades, and pause for a moment to remember our veterans. Every year our church has a special Veteran’s Day service to honor the veterans with a home cooked meal in the fellowship hall afterwards. I made up a Walker-size cake for the church dinner this past Sunday. Next to the Walker clan’s love for their country is their love for eating.

The Walker fellows have a trait of not knowing their own strength or realize how intimidating they can appear when grouped together. One year when several of the family was meeting at the mission the crowd of men kept growing larger with each son’s arrival repeatedly asking Dad Walker, “Reverend, just how many sons did you say you had?” Dad loves to brag that he raised his own private body guards. The boys carry on the tradition of family tales. One time when their sister’s luggage was locked inside a small town bus station from her Greyhound bus arriving late at night after being delayed, the boys decided to break into the station and retrieve her stuff. A local cop spotted them and hauled them all down to the police station. After the chief of police heard the complaint, surrounded by four huge fellows that barely fit in the small station, he told the cop to let them go stating, “We don’t have enough man power to prevent these guys from breaking in.”

My Fudgy Spice Cake is a rich filling dessert deceptively simple to make with an eye-catching decorative design that makes it almost too pretty to cut and eat. Four layers of cake are surrounded by frosting making each moist bite a delight to eat. The Fudgy Spice Cake is ideal for holidays or a large crowd of people. You can substitute a nut cake mix or another flavor instead of spice. My Fudgy Spice Cake can be made up ahead of time as this cake keeps well. Preparation time for the Fudgy Spice Cake is around an hour and this recipe makes one large cake.

Fudgy Spice Cake

1 spice cake mix
3 (16 oz) cans of chocolate frosting
Chocolate chips

Prepare cake mix like directed. Divide the batter into four parts pouring into greased 9-inch cake pans. Bake each layer at 350ยบ for twenty minutes and cool. Cover each layer with chocolate frosting and then frost around the side and top. Using a tablespoon lightly depress the spoon into the frosting to make swirls around the side and top of the cake. Garnish with almond flowers!

Weekly tip: To make the almond flowers place five slivered almonds around a chocolate chip to form the petals!

Dorcas Annette Walker is a published author, columnist, speaker, freelance magazine writer, and photographer from Jamestown, Tennessee. Contact her at: For more recipes check out her Creative Tennessee Mountain Cookin blog at:

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