Monday, May 23, 2016

Fluffy Fan Rolls


I made a pea salad recipe for March, only not to like the taste of the finished salad. Since I only post what works for me- in other words it will work for anyone else- and tastes good, I did some research into pea salad recipes and came up with a couple I was going to try. Only, I got sidelined with planting my veggie garden and before I realized it the month of March, along with April, was gone. I determined to get a Mother’s Day recipe to post.

After dithering over a couple of recipes while the days in May few by- between working outside, keeping up with my growing ducks, and then getting some baby chicks as well- Mother’s Day came and went, although I felt quite motherly with all my farm animals. Right after Mother’s Day, I tried the Fluffy Fan Roll recipe and loved the buttery taste and texture- along with my fellows, who gobbled them up at top speed- but wasn’t satisfied with how they looked. A second time around and I finally had the rolls looking like they were supposed to.

While these Fluffy Fan Rolls are not a real quick and easy recipe (see second paragraph) they are something fun to do in the kitchen and look quite elegant to serve.  You can make your own bread/roll recipe or thaw up a frozen bread loaf to make the Fluffy Fan Rolls.  Time to do the Fluffy Fan Roll will vary as the dough needs to rise and double, but once they are in the pan you can let them sit while you do other stuff until up in the afternoon or suppertime.  This buttery Fluffy Fan Roll recipe makes twelve dinner rolls.


1 frozen bread dough roll or enough dough to make a loaf

On a lightly floured surface roll out the dough real thin in a rectangle shape about fourteen inches wide by twelve. Butter the top of the dough.  Using a sharp knife cut seven strips two inches wide.  Layer all the stripes of dough on top of the end strip.  Then cut one inch pieces up the strip until you have twelve.  Place each inch layer in a greased roll/muffin pan lengthwise.  Spray cooking oil over the dough and cover. Let sit and rise until doubled. Bake at 350ยบ for twenty minutes until lightly browned.  Serve warm.

Tip: To keep freshly baked bread or rolls soft: remove from pan and cover with a kitchen towel as soon as they are out of the oven until ready to serve!

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