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Triple Layer Fruit Fluff

Triple Layer Fruit Fluff
Dorcas Annette Walker

This month I am sharing some summery dessert recipes that I am experimenting with myself. So welcome to my air conditioned kitchen as we mix together some ingredients to help beat the heat. Right now a lot of fresh fruit is in season and can be bought at a low price making it not only healthy for your family, but economical as well. Last night I served this week’s masterpiece and as we taste tested it, we were tossing names around that would aptly describe this fruity dessert. My son, Dwight, came up with the winning title: Triple Layer Fruit Fluff. Normally Dwight is rather picky about eating fruit so I wasn’t sure how he would like a bunch of fruit all mixed up together, but he was quite enthusiastic over my Triple Layer Fruit Fluff.

It used to be that when making an Angel Food Cake cooks had to save up a dozen eggs first. Now-a-days you can whip up an Angel Food Cake with a box mix or buy one already made. Speaking of eggs, I was quite excited to find the first egg laid by the chicks we bought and raised this spring. The way they gobble up the food and scraps I throw them these past months have turned them all into fat hens. Lately I’ve been given them broad hints about laying eggs as the reason for their feathery existence in my hen house. I’m reserving dark threats about wringing their necks and putting them in the pot for any laggards that show up in the flock. So I was quite pleased to discover a few bright ones (my Cornish Rock hens) amidst my mixed group of chickens that decided to start laying. The way I lavishly praise the sight of an egg, you’d think that there would be a mad rush of hens to sit on the nests and lay eggs, but unfortunately chickens are a bit bird witted at times. It was a sad day about a month ago when my huge majestic rooster (about the size of a small turkey) suddenly died. I miss his loud crow early in the morning, although my large white ducks- Daffy Duck, Quack Quack, and Snow Queen- do their best to fill in the gap. Whenever I stick my head out the back door it is amazing the racket those ducks make trying to get my attention. We bought a small plastic kiddie pool that we keep filled with water in the chicken yard, which the ducks enjoy splashing around in. Romeo, my male Mallard duck’s head is turning a gorgeous shade of green while his feathers are starting to sport brilliant colors. Sweet Juliet looks rather drab blending in with the dirt where you usually find her sitting contently while her mate struts around the pen.

My Triple Layer Fruit Fluff is a light fruity rainbow dessert, easy to make, using fruit, angel food cake, and cool whip that looks elegant in a glass dish. You can mix match all kinds of fresh fruit and substitute the cool whip for vanilla ice cream if you prefer to turn the Triple Layer Fruit Fluff into a frozen dessert. I used sugar-free jello for my diabetic husband. Preparation time for my Triple Layer Fruit Fluff takes around thirty minutes and this recipe serves fifteen.

Triple Layer Fruit Fluff

1 angel food cake
1 pkg (3 oz) of strawberry, lime, and orange jello
1 (10 oz) can Mandarin oranges drained
2 c blueberries
2 c strawberries- hulled and cut into pieces
1 (16 oz) container of cool whip

Divide the angel food cake into thirds and tear into bite-size pieces in three medium bowls. Sprinkle a box of jello over each bowl and toss with a fork until well coated. In the bottom of a glass dish place the orange cake pieces, layer with Mandarin oranges, and cover with cool whip. Repeat with the lime cake pieces and blueberries covering with cool whip, and then the strawberry cake pieces and strawberries covering with cool whip. Garnish with slices of fruit. Chill and serve!

Weekly tip: Crushing strawberries and adding sugar before freezing in zip lock bags gives the strawberries a fresher taste when thawed, saves space in your freezer, and makes an instant filling for pies or shortcake!

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