Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Canned Cream Corn

Canned Creamed Corn
Dorcas Annette Walker

Each week I eye the rows of tender cornstalks that have grown another inch in my garden envisioning fresh corn on the cob this summer. Since I don’t have fresh corn, I decided to prepare a substitute I always loved of my mothers. I grew up eating mostly canned vegetables as we didn’t have a garden to give us fresh vegetables and frozen vegetables were an expensive rare occurrence. My mother turned a plain can of corn into a tasty dish using simple ingredients. Every time I make up a dish of Canned Creamed Corn I think of my mother.

I never realized how pampered my background was food-wise until I was grown and traveling around with my husband eating at different households across the United States. Even my husband, Dana, who never hesitated to eat a hearty meal whenever any type of food was set before him, would sometimes ask me later why a certain dish didn’t taste right or what was missing. Blessed were the times I’d stay with a cook that loved to prepare food ending up having a marvelous time comparing recipes and helping out in the kitchen. I’ve noticed throughout the years that good cooks aren’t afraid to be nosey, ask questions, or experiment with food. And while there are a few cook that hold tight to secret recipes- not realizing that anyone who is around food a lot can usually figure out what is in any prepared item- most cooks are generous in sharing tips or their favorite recipes.

One of my greatest joys was encouraging timid cooks to branch out and try new ideas. After spending years in the kitchen I still love to try something different while keeping my tried and true recipes as the backbone of my menus. You will find certain blends of spices or herbs to be what you and your family prefers, but you never know what new recipe will end up being a winner. As my grandmother often said, If you put enough good ingredients together its bound to turn out delicious!

My Canned Creamed Corn is an exciting alternative to standard corn year round with its smooth creamy taste of summer that can be fixed quickly in the microwave. Its soft yellow color will blend in with just about any other prepared item giving you another vegetable to add to your menu that everyone will love. You can double or triple this recipe to meet the needs of your family. Preparation time for my Canned Creamed Corn is five minutes and this recipe serves three.

Canned Creamed Corn

1 (14.5 oz) can of creamed corn
¼ c evaporated milk
1 tsp sugar
½ stick margarine
salt & pepper

Mix all the ingredients together in a small microwave bowl and microwave for three minutes. Stir and serve in a crystal bowl. May garnish with a pat of butter!

Weekly tip: Turn a regular can of corn into creamed corn by pouring the entire contents into a blender and pureeing. Older or tougher ears of corn from the garden are also perfect for making creamed corn likewise- just add a little water when pureeing!

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