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A La Golden Rod

A La Golden Rod

Dorcas Annette Walker

I have been blessed with many memories of my mother that lives on even though my mother has been gone for almost sixteen years. One childhood memory I cherish is the rare times my mother made her favorite dish, A La Golden Rod. Every time I make A La Golden Rod I remember my mother. Both my children loved when I made A La Golden Rod as I would tell them stories about their grandma. Today I try to live up to the wonderful legacy that my mother left to pass it along to my daughter and granddaughter. I hope that your Mother’s Day will be filled with making or enjoying lots of memories.

Any beauty or sweetness that I have I owe to my mother, who believed that I could do or become anything that I wanted to be. My first book published, To Say Good-bye, is about my mother. You can find it on my website at: I’m still awed by the strength and sacrifice my mother possessed in order to support her family, keep food on the table, and clothes on our body while somehow managing to give us children a private education. My mother was very talented and yet she stifled her desires and dreams to keep our family secure, take care of a disabled husband, and work fulltime. Her loving personality brightened the lives of her patients and coworkers. Everyone that met my mother fell in love with her.

Though never formally trained, my mother could draw and sketch. I remember early years when church services seemed to last forever and us children would become restless, my mother would take out her pen and a small piece of paper and draw pictures for us. We’d become so enthralled over seeing a blank piece of paper come to life that we’d hate when church was over. My sister, Lois, inherited my mother’s artistic gene and is a talented artist today. In college my mother wrote a couple of poems that were published and once a newspaper article. I like to think that I have inherited a small portion of my mother’s gift for putting words together.

Our mother had a knack of sending special cards. I’ve made books out of all the cards she sent me and placemats out of the cards she saved. Each year my sister and I have a tradition. We browse through all the Mother’s Day cards until we find one like our mother would send us. We carefully read each word and tenderly place it back on the shelf. Then we’ll find a card that says exactly how we feel and send the thought skyward to our mother.

A La Golden Rod is a perfect dish for lunch or a brunch. The creamy sooth white sauce on top of hot buttered toast is filling as well as a delight to the eye. My A La Golden Rod takes about twenty minutes to prepare and this recipe serves four.

A La Golden Rod

4 hardboiled eggs (chop the whites and mash the yolks with a fork separate)
4 pieces of buttered toast

In a large skillet melt 3 tb margarine. Add:
¾ c self-rising flour
4 c milk
chopped egg whites
1 tsp salt
Sprinkle on pepper
Stir slowly with a Wisk until thickened. Pour white sauce over toast. Sprinkle on mashed egg yolks and garnish with parsley!

Weekly tip: Store eggs broad side up. Yolks are less likely to break!

Dorcas Annette Walker is a published author, columnist, speaker, freelance magazine writer, and photographer from Jamestown, Tennessee. Contact her at: For more recipes check out her Creative Tennessee Mountain Cookin blog at:

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