Friday, December 28, 2007

Ten Minute No-Fail Fudge

Ten Minute No-Fail Fudge
Dorcas Annette Walker

My memories of fudge and candy making are few and far between. I know one reason for this is because the process always entailed what seemed like hours of time hanging over a saucepan faithfully stirring to keep the ingredients at the right temperature and avoiding scorching until arriving at the correct processing time by dribbling a bit of hot liquid into a cup of cold water, which then gave way to intense concentration to see if a soft or hard ball appeared. For some reason the end result was either too runny or hard enough to crack one’s teeth. When it comes to cooking candy or anything mechanical I remain hopelessly jinxed. It’s definitely a faulty gene passed down to me from my mother. All the work involved never seemed worth the pathetic results. You can never accuse me of being a quitter though. Every couple of years as my memory would dim from the last candy making disaster, a mouth watering picture of delectable pieces of candy would catch my attention always accompanied with another easy or no-fail recipe and I’d find myself once again in my kitchen hovering over a boiling pot sure that this time my candy would turn out perfect.

One candy making memory remains permanently etched on my brain cells in neon lights. While still living on the college campus where my husband attended school, I somehow became involved with a staff yearbook committee. On one such occasion I had the brainstorm of making homemade lollypops. The recipe seemed quite simple and I figured that if I could turn out four pies a week making lollypops would be a breeze. I faithfully stirred and cooked and then poured the hot candy into my molds. When it came time for the staff meeting my lollypops were still kinda gooey, but always optimistic I took them along figuring they would make a conservation piece if nothing else. Little did I realize what historic proportions my homemade lollypops would create. Everyone greeted my lollypops with pleasure sticking them into their mouth as they were passed along the table. Once in one’s mouth though it took jaw-breaking work to get your teeth unstuck from the candy. Everybody became occupied trying to un-stick their teeth from the candy to do much business. It was the shortest and quietest staff meeting in the entire history of the school.

My Ten Minute No-Fail Fudge recipe is not only delicious, but also healthful. It is similar in process to the after dinner mints that I make and when I say it is a no-fail recipe you can count on it to turn out beautifully for your holiday festive gatherings. Ten Minute No-Fail Fudge involves only ten minutes of your time and one batch makes twenty-four pieces of good size fudge about an inch thick. My recipe of Ten Minute No-Fail Fudge can make either chocolate or peanut butter fudge.

Ten Minute No-Fail Fudge

Melt in microwave for about four minutes at one minute intervals stirring between times until completely melted:
¼ box of a 2 lb box of Velveta (or store brand) process cheese spread cut into small chunks
1 stick of margarine
If making peanut butter fudge also include: 1 c peanut butter (I used chunky)
When completely melted add:
1 tsp vanilla
Pour mixture into:
2 lbs powdered sugar
If making chocolate fudge add to powdered sugar:
1 c cocoa powder
1 c chopped nuts (your choice)
Stir and then mix together with your hands until completely combined. Place fudge in a waxed 9 x 13 dish. Use a small rolling pin to smooth out the top. When cool cut into inch pieces and serve on a decorative holiday dish!

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cak2170 said...

Wow! Velveeta cheese in a fudge recipe? I will have to make this as I am curious. Looking forward to tasting it!

Dorcas Annette Walker said...

The best part is how easy and no fail this recipe is along with a great taste. Enjoy!